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About Partnera

Our journey began in 2010 as eight engineers who were experts in Oracle technologies came together. In the years to follow, we grew rapidly with the projects we brought to life and became one of the most proficient business partners with regards to Oracle business applications.

During our initial years, we focused on the implementation of Oracle e-Business Suite applications, application development on these products using Oracle technologies, Oracle database management, upgrade, and support and we successfully completed dozens of projects.


In 2012, we added product development to consultancy services. e-Invoice and e-Ledger, the first products of the Partnera e-Transformation product family, became quickly widespread among Oracle Business Applications customers in Turkey. These products were followed by e-Archive, e-Waybill, e-Reconciliation and e-Bank Reconciliation and enterprise mobile applications and portal products. Partnera product development teams still work hard to grow this family.

In 2015, we combined Partnera’s quite solid technical competences with Oracle’s leading products and thus, we launched our first service oriented achitecture (SOA) project, and then with many other SOA projects that came after, we became the most competent Oracle business partner in the field. At that time, we commenced operations regarding Oracle cloud business applications to catch the global digital transformation and we brought our very first project to life.

In time, we gravitated towards web-based custom applications and mobile applications with the vision of our customers in the Oracle ecosystem and our own eagerness towards the area. We launched our first portal product in 2018 and our first mobile application at the beginning of 2019.

Since the day of our establishment, we aimed to be a reliable business partner to all the companies we work with beyond the traditional customer-supplier relationship and with that motivation, we continue our operations.

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