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Applications That Make Your Job Easier


Partnera Mobile


We are also leading the way in moving the Partnera Business Applications to a mobile platform so that the Business Applications may be utilized by all the users and senior managers who work outside the company headquarters. Regarding, we are increasing the extent of usage of business applications by developing applications specifically for users who work in and out of the company location or by supporting the adaptation of such to the present applications. 

  • Partnera Mobile Applications are fully integrated with Oracle Business Applications.

  • It reduces the workload of the staff with its mobile self-service management approach.

  • It allows all users and senior managers working outside the company location to access the information they request quickly and easily.

  • It can be worn with a design compatible with the corporate identity, or it can be customized to suit the needs.

  • All of our Moobil applications can work on all mobile platforms.

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