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Fleet Management


With the Partnera Fleet Management application, you can manage service, insurance, damage, tires, operation, legal, and second hand processes, which are the most vital processes of fleet leasing companies, from-end-to-end and perfectly.

Partnera Fleet Management runs in full integration with Oracle ERP and ensures to manage the entire fleet leasing processes on a single end-to-end system. Our Fleet Management Application has the following layers: 

  • Credit Management:
    All the credits due to the company are tracked and payments are automatically made.

  • Proposal Management:  
    Renting proposals are drawn by calculating according to purchasing and renting terms, renting period, and kilometer limit, etc.

  • Contract Management:  
    Renting contracts are fed from the proposal management and automatically issued.

  • Service Management: 
    Vehicles that are brought to the service in cases of maintenance and damage are tracked, material and labor expenses are tracked based on both internal and external services via work orders. The product works in full integration with the Oracle Inventory Management.

  • Legal Management:
    Doubtful receivables and execution proceedings are tracked. The product works in full integration with the Oracle Account Receivables.

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