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Oracle Technology Consultancy

It is an indispensable requirement for business applications to be integrated to the outside world and send and receive data as well as managing all the processes of companies. With consultants experienced with Oracle MiddleWare product family, Partnera has been integrated to numerous systems that belong to the public and private sectors.

Oracle Database Product Family Consultancy

+ Oracle Database

+ Oracle Database Options (Active Data Guard, RAC, Partitionig etc.)

+ Oracle Database Security Options (DB Vault, Audit Vault, Advanced Security etc.)

Oracle Database Version Upgrade Studies (Upgrade/Migration)

With the experience we gained from upgrade projects and with the guidance of Oracle system upgrade documents, we created the following upgrade methodology and we apply the same method in all our projects.

Oracle Database Product Family Consultancy

  • Examining the status of the customer's current system and identifying potential problems

  • Backing up database and application servers, determining the backup policy in agreement with the Customer

  • Making system performance adjustments and making suggestions to increase performance

  • Identifying possible security vulnerabilities and making recommendations to eliminate these vulnerabilities, if any.

Service Oriented Architectural Consultancy

+ Oracle WebLogic

+ Oracle SOA

+ Oracle Enterprise Service Bus

+ Oracle Platform as a Service product family (PaaS)

+ Service product family (IaaS) as Infrastructure

Oracle Engineered Systems Product Family Consultancy

+ Oracle ExaData

+ Oracle Exadata Cloud Machine

+ Oracle Database Appliance



Today, companies have made simplifying their businesses, adapting quickly to changing situations and being flexible their main strategy. While outsourcing was initially preferred to reduce the total number of employees and gain cost advantages, today it is also used to increase operational efficiency.

With its knowledge and experience, Partnera can provide outsourcing to companies with its specialized consultancy team for all processes, from customized business processes to Oracle Business Applications and Oracle Technology Applications. With the rapid development of the cloud, Partnera can also provide outsourcing for cloud applications by adding Oracle Cloud Business Applications to its areas of expertise.

Partera offers outsourcing services in the following areas.

  • Oracle Business Applications

  • Oracle Cloud Business Applications

  • Oracle Technology Applications

Database Product Family
ServiceOriented Architectural
Engineered Systems Product Family
O.T. Outsource
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