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Applications That Make Your Job Easier



Partnera Reconciliation Application was created to eliminate communication including phone calls, faxes, letters and e-mails that occur with customers and suppliers during current account reconciliations and PO/SO reconciliations every term and the waste of time caused of such communication. 

The Reconciliation Application enables both all the users who were sent a notification and only the users who are system-defined and authorized to access the system via sms, a password-free link or portal methods and to see the bills that are subject of the reconciliation that are ordered according to the type of the reconciliation. You can communicate with an unlimited number of defined suppliers and customers via the portal and complete the reconciliation term much more quickly and for a much lower cost. 

For your PO, SO, and Current Balance reconciliations with your suppliers or customers, you can easily communicate via the e-reconciliation system instead of wasting time and effort with mailing, phoning, or faxing, and more importantly, you can have the system collect the responses electronically on your behalf. Therefore, you will gain a significant amount of speed in the reconciliation process which would normally take days for the accounting personnel. 


Whatever your current software may be, the Partnera Reconciliation Application is designed to comply with your system. With the Partnera Reconciliation Application, you can compare all the bank reconciliations and find out any imbalances in reconciliation in only a few minutes. In case you fail to reconcile, you can communicate the required data to the other party online, contact the company online via the application, and minimize the required time to spend on the reconciliation.

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