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Applications That Make Your Job Easier


e-Bank Reconciliation

Partnera Electronic Bank Reconciliation (EBR) is integrated to banks and instanly receives account activities and enables to instantly match with invoices that were generated before. As it runs in full integration with the Oracle ERP system, the bills of all the bank account activities are automatically generated smoothly every day in the ERP system. 


Partnera EBR also saves time by enabling to track the bank reconciliation lines on the system rather than on paper during the operational process.  You can automatically generate the accounts of all of your records without any user interventions. Because all the records are instant, you can ensure that the sales, credit risk and finance teams work faster and with better coordination.


Because you will be able to see bank activities instantly, you can track your cash flow instantly and increase the speed of orders for credit-linked B2B sales. 


The product also runs in integration with Oracle Account Receivables, Oracle Account Payables, Oracle General Accounting, Partnera e-Invoice, and Partnera e-Ledger.

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