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+  e-Reconciliation

Partnera Reconciliation Application was created to eliminate communication including phone calls, faxes, letters and e-mails that occur with customers and suppliers during current account reconciliations and PO/SO reconciliations every term and the waste of time caused of such communication. 

The Reconciliation Application enables both all the users who were sent a notification and only the users who are system-defined and authorized to access the system via sms, a password-free link or portal methods and to see the bills that are subject of the reconciliation that are ordered according to the type of the reconciliation. You can communicate with an unlimited number of defined suppliers and customers via the portal and complete the reconciliation term much more quickly and for a much lower cost. 

For your PO, SO, and Current Balance reconciliations with your suppliers or customers, you can easily communicate via the e-reconciliation system instead of wasting time and effort with mailing, phoning, or faxing, and more importantly, you can have the system collect the responses electronically on your behalf. Therefore, you will gain a significant amount of speed in the reconciliation process which would normally take days for the accounting personnel. 


Whatever your current software may be, the Partnera Reconciliation Application is designed to comply with your system. With the Partnera Reconciliation Application, you can compare all the bank reconciliations and find out any imbalances in reconciliation in only a few minutes. In case you fail to reconcile, you can communicate the required data to the other party online, contact the company online via the application, and minimize the required time to spend on the reconciliation.

+  e-Bank Reconciliation

Partnera Electronic Bank Reconciliation (EBR) is integrated to banks and instanly receives account activities and enables to instantly match with invoices that were generated before. As it runs in full integration with the Oracle ERP system, the bills of all the bank account activities are automatically generated smoothly every day in the ERP system. 


Partnera EBR also saves time by enabling to track the bank reconciliation lines on the system rather than on paper during the operational process.  You can automatically generate the accounts of all of your records without any user interventions. Because all the records are instant, you can ensure that the sales, credit risk and finance teams work faster and with better coordination.


Because you will be able to see bank activities instantly, you can track your cash flow instantly and increase the speed of orders for credit-linked B2B sales. 


The product also runs in integration with Oracle Account Receivables, Oracle Account Payables, Oracle General Accounting, Partnera e-Invoice, and Partnera e-Ledger.

+  Supplier Portal

With the Partnera Supplier Portal, you can automize your supplier and order management processes. Your suppliers and customers can place an order via the portal without needing the company or an excel sheet. 

As orders can be selected by the customers through self-service management, you will lighten the work load of your personnel as well as eliminate any misunderstandings that might be caused by communication. Since the Partnera Supplier Portal is fully compatible with the technological infrastructure, it enables your suppliers to place an order via a mobile phone or a tablet wherever they are.


The Portal enables rapid access to all the reports demanded with its advanced and modern interfaces and helps you make plans and strategic decisions on time and accurately. Partnera Supplier Portal Application is designed in a way that it will not have any security- or internet-related vulnerability and enables you to strengthen your corporate identity in the eyes of your vendors, customers and suppliers. 

+  Virtual POS

Partnera Virtual Pos Application enables companies that upload their invoices and invoice-related documents to the internet and wish to receive payment via the internet to receive such payments via credit card and to generate the account activities of their payments automatically on the Oracle ERP system.  

The institutions that want to make online collections from banks via a virtual pos may use the interface of the Partnera Virtual Pos Application or use their own websites. Payments made via the website are automatically transfered to the business owner’s account. The Partnera Virtual POS Application runs in full integration with the Oracle Account Receivables. 

Because your suppliers and customers will make payments via the portal, you will diminish the work load and error risks of your Accounting and Operation personnel.

+  Partnera Mobile 

We are also leading the way in moving the Partnera Business Applications to a mobile platform so that the Business Applications may be utilized by all the users and senior managers who work outside the company headquarters. Regarding, we are increasing the extent of usage of business applications by developing applications specifically for users who work in and out of the company location or by supporting the adaptation of such to the present applications. 

With the Partnera Mobile Application, you can improve efficiency and quality in your internal processes. You can have a special design for your organization. 

What do we do in mobile application? 

  • Who is who?

  • Pending Approvals

  • Leave of Absence Tracking  

  • Personnel Expense Entries

  • Customer Request 

  • Personnel Shuttle Service Tracking

  • Who was born today?

  • Help Desk 

  • Event Notification

  • Important Phone Numbers

  • Surveys

  • Menu

  • News from Us

  • Application Details, etc.

We can also add new functions specific to your company and for other processes.

+  Fleet Management

With the Partnera Fleet Management application, you can manage service, insurance, damage, tires, operation, legal, and second hand processes, which are the most vital processes of fleet leasing companies, from-end-to-end and perfectly.

Partnera Fleet Management runs in full integration with Oracle ERP and ensures to manage the entire fleet leasing processes on a single end-to-end system. Our Fleet Management Application has the following layers: 

  • Credit Management :
    All the credits due to the company are tracked and payments are automatically made.

  • Proposal Management :  
    Renting proposals are drawn by calculating according to purchasing and renting terms, renting period, and kilometer limit, etc.

  • Contract Management :  
    Renting contracts are fed from the proposal management and automatically issued.

  • Service Management : 
    Vehicles that are brought to the service in cases of maintenance and damage are tracked, material and labor expenses are tracked based on both internal and external services via work orders. The product works in full integration with the Oracle Inventory Management.

  • Legal Management :Doubtful receivables and execution proceedings are tracked. The product works in full integration with the Oracle Account Receivables. 

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