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Applications That Make Your Job Easier


Portal Solutions


With the Partnera Supplier Portal, you can automize your supplier and order management processes. Your suppliers and customers can place an order via the portal without needing the company or an excel sheet. 

As orders can be selected by the customers through self-service management, you will lighten the work load of your personnel as well as eliminate any misunderstandings that might be caused by communication. Since the Partnera Supplier Portal is fully compatible with the technological infrastructure, it enables your suppliers to place an order via a mobile phone or a tablet wherever they are.


The Portal enables rapid access to all the reports demanded with its advanced and modern interfaces and helps you make plans and strategic decisions on time and accurately. Partnera Supplier Portal Application is designed in a way that it will not have any security- or internet-related vulnerability and enables you to strengthen your corporate identity in the eyes of your vendors, customers and suppliers. 

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