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Partnera e-Transformation Family

Partnera, the only implementer of e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive, and e-Waybill processes, which were put into effect respectively since 2013 by the Turkish Tax Authority, with Oracle business applications on the side of both Oracle e-Business Suite and Oracle cloud business applications, has brought all its products to life in almost all the customers of Oracle corporate business applications in Turkey. Partnera e-Transformation product family can be integrated to both private integrators and directly to the Turkish Tax Authority.

e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive, and e-Waybill products in the Partnera e-Transformation product family work in full integration with both Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle EBS (e-Business Suite) ERP system.

+ e-Invoice

Partnera developed the e-Invoice product that is fully compatible to the technical architecture determined by the Turkish Tax Authority (GIB) with its vast knowledge and technical expertise on Oracle E-Business Applications and Oracle Cloud Business Applications. 

Partnera e-Invoice product complies with regulations issued by GIB, is regularly updated as per the requirements, and also, enables you to move forward smoothly and uninterruptedly in your complex processes with its solution-based functions. 

e-Invoice product runs in full integration with Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Account Payables and Account Receivables. Moreover, the product is a single standing solution that incorporates all the components including signing with e-Signature. Partnera, besides a direct integration with the TRA, is also integrated to Turkey’s leading private integrators and has brought the e-Invoice project to life in a number of national and international companies. 

+ e-Archive

Partnera e-Invoice Product that encompasses all end-to-end processes and is used with great satisfaction by the majority of the Oracle customers in Turkey was made to contain all the invoice processes with the e-Archive Product. In a single process, without a new investment in technology, you can run all the processes without any issues including invoice display, invoice generation, collective sending, and print-out by benefiting from the expertise of Partnera. Therefore, you could make the invoice check and tracking processes in the electronic media easier.  

Moreover, you would save time thanks to the displaying in pdf and signing feature for multiple invoices.

+ e-Ledger

Partnera e-Ledger Product was developed to comply fully with the legislation issued by the Turkish Tax Authority (GIB) and the technical architecture. Partnera e-Ledger product enables you to generate your statutory ledgers as e-Ledger in the Oracle General Ledger applications and to sign it with e-Signature without the need for a notary public approval. 

Also, this product designed to run in integration with Oracle e-Business Applications and Oracle Cloud Business Applications enables to easily adapt to any changes that may occur in the legislation.  Since the platform runs independently, the Partnera e-Ledger product is preferred by over 100 companies besides Oracle.

+ e-Waybill

The e-Waybill product that was launched as a part of the e-Transformation enables to electronically generate and transmit waybills that must be issued for every shipment. Many of the Oracle customers in Turkey prefer and use Partnera’s e-Waybill solution. As with all of our products, the e-Waybill product was designed to easily adapt to any architectural and legislative changes that might be imposed by the Turkish Tax Authority.


Because the E-Waybill product runs in integration with the Oracle Stock Management, Oracle Purchasing Management, and Oracle Finance Management, the vast majority of the Oracle customers in Turkey prefers Partnera’s e-Waybill solution. Moreover, with the Mobile e-Waybill Application developed to create a greener environment, you may access the e-Waybill document generated via the Oracle Business Applications system on your tablet or mobile phone upon demand and thus, eliminate using paper print-outs.

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